Solid fencing is only possible with properly selected and installed posts. They fasten all the fencing elements, ensure stability of the whole structure and prevent from mechanic damage.

Types of fencing posts
Corner post – installed in all corners
Comprises of a standard post with struts bolted on the sides. Clamping rings enable free adjustment of post angles.
Terminal post – installed on the edge of the fence
standard post with side support
Line posts – mounted to strengthen the structure of the fence
A standard post with side supports. Installation of the additional posts strengthens the fence and enables unlimited length of the structure

Technical specifications
Chain wire posts:
Made of 48,3mmx2,0mm pipe
Standard heights: 1,8m; 2,0m; 2,2m
Other heights on request
Each post has a steel cap and a pass-through hole for insertion of the vertical or tightening wire

Welded mesh panel posts
Made of 60x40 steel profile
standards heights : 1,8m; 2,0m; 2,2m
Other heights on request
each post has metal cap

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